Course details

1/5 ~ To the guest at the New Year's party "Topmost pole" Sirloin broiled meat sushi etc. All 10 items 3h Drinking with 6000 yen ⇒ 5000 yen

1/5 ~ To the guest at the New Year's party "Topmost pole" Sirloin broiled meat sushi etc. All 10 items 3h Drinking with 6000 yen ⇒ 5000 yen

By using a coupon5000 Yen

You can also order unlimited drinks at ¥ 1000 per person (if you do not have a 3 hour system)

  • 10items
  • 2-100persons
All-you-can-drink available

Giraffe squeezed draft beer ★ 3 H maximum drink menu

Reservation deadline
Until 22 o'clock the day prior to the desired shop visit date
Available days for reservation
Tuesday, Sunday, Public Holiday, Holidays

It is the content of the course that spent all the luxury we can have in our shop.Dream course using plenty of seasonal ingredients such as sirloin broiled sushi, three varieties of carpaccio and Pizza of migrant crab miso ♪

Course menu

【1】 Salmon and shrimp terrine

【2】 Bologna sausage

【3】 Italian Prosciutto's ham

【4】 Pate de Campagne

【5】 3 kinds of carpaccio platter

【6】 PIZZA of migrant crab miso

【7】 Broiled thick-cut beef tongue

【8】 Sweet chili sauce of soft shell club

【9】 Broiled sirloin sirloin

【10】 Assorted dessert


"Extreme is kore!"

Banquet is swirling up swiftly 【10 great privileges】 Service ♪

Boat dessert · newspaper · certificate · bow tower · mirror split

Amazing awesome benefits service is on!

In addition, if you can consult, we will proposal variously!

"All-you-can-drink all-you-can-eat"

There are about 60 kinds of all-you-can-drink all-you-can-eat dishes!

From Dorihee to Alcohol Weak content is very contentful!

"Variegated private room space"

Wood texture full of spaces of harmony is a diverse private room from a private room of 10 people or less

There is no complaints for the store's charter and seats for up to 100 people!

※ We only accept reservations up to one week before request reservation.

Please acknowledge that it may not be possible to receive the request reservation after one week.

All-you-can-drink menu

·draft beer
· Kirin's best squeezing
· Shochu / plum wine
· Potato · wheat · sesame · shiso (water split · oolong split · lock) / soda split · lock etc.
· Whiskey / wine
· High Ball / Single · Double / Water Roll · Rock / Amazing! Kokkari Jockey Wine (Red · White) etc.
· Oolong Hi / Green Tea High / Lime Sour / Lemon Sour / Giant Peak Sour / Mandarin Sour / Calpis Sour / Acerola Sour / Sekkuwa - Sauser / Mango Sour etc, etc.
· Gin tonic / cassised soda / cassis orange / cassis oolong / cassis ginger / reggae punch / fuzzy group / giant peak orange / giant peak calpis / cassis beer / shandogaf etc.
· Cassis Orange / Cassis Soda / Cassis Ginger / Cassis Oolong / Mango Orange / Mango Soda / Shirley Temple etc.
·Soft drink
· Coke / Gingeraire / Orange Juice / Oolong Tea / Green Tea

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