• ●● Craft beer ●●

    • 496 (Young Qi Lok)


      A flagship beer of Spring Valley Brewery that does not belong to any existing via style pursuing the infinite possibilities of beer.With the ultimate balance, both strong personality and ease of drinking are balanced.Like ale and richness and lager (low temperature aged beer) like kire, dense hop feel like IPA.You can enjoy the ultimate balance of sweet, sour and bitterness and a deep lingering finish.



      A new dimension Pilsner, bearing the name of W. Copeland (*).Beer that becomes "a place to return" where you want to drink asexually even after having enjoyed other beers, not to mention the first cup.The flavor and sweetness of malt, the fine aroma of aroma hop and the bitter taste are intricate harmony.

    • Afterdark (after dark)


      Spring Valley Brewery makes a breakthrough, a dark-colored beer in a different dimension that makes a difference with the previous black beer.By suppressing the roast feeling and astringency, it brings out a soft sweetness and a fine bitter taste, combining the flavorfulness and ease of drinking.Better quality bitter taste and rich flavor will further enhance the taste of the meal.

    • On the cloud


      Spring Valley Standard for the future era advocated by brewery.In addition to barley, you can enjoy the softness exuded by using wheat and fruity aroma like white wine by Nelson Sorinhop and top fermentation.A refreshing taste that anyone can enjoy with ease, and a fragrance that is fresh and fresh make it a bright feeling.

    • The above drinking comparison set


      If you wonder what to drink, come and pick it up! 3 sorts available in a bite size glass

  • ●● beer ●●

    • Kirin Ichiban Shibori in jug

      540 yen

      And irritation that comes with a jerk in the throat, the taste that is full-bodied, drink beer Gotae

    • Kirin Ichiban Shibori in bottle

      594 yen

      To to have clean 100% malt, umami also sufficient taste.

    • Kirin Free small bottle

      432 yen

      Alcohol 0.00%.Refreshing taste with a drink Gotae.

  • ●● whiskey & highball ●●

    • Fuji 50 °

      540 yen

      Pure and deep flavor.Clear drinking, sweet barrel Jukuko, pleasant finish

    • Johnny Walker red

      594 yen

      Stately and ornate taste a blend of 35 kinds of malt and grain

    • Johnny Walker highball

      594 yen

      How to drink various ♪

    • Tris highball

      540 yen

      How to drink various ♪

    • Corner highball

      594 yen

      How to drink various ♪

  • ●● shochu ●●

    • [Wheat] Kaori wheat / Nikaido / intellectual heart sword

      540 yen ~

      HANABI [heart of Drunken God] special bottle 3200 yen

    • [Potato] of mellow potato / phantom dew / black Kirishima / Kurokuradake / Isa Oizumi

      540 yen ~
    • [Potato] Seikoudoku / moment's / wealth 乃宝 mountain / alike told not Nameless shochu / Satsuma your mutual aid

      594 yen ~
    • [Shiso] Tan Tantaka

      540 yen

      Flavorful with a solid taste of basil.

    • [Sesame] Kuroebisutakara

      540 yen

      It was ground and roasted black sesame remains of grain, clean and flavorful finish

    • [Awamori] Kaito of wind

      540 yen

      Ryukyu awamori plump aroma, mild drinking.

  • ●● sake ●●

    • Exciting (hot sake, cold sake) Single Go / 2-Go

      518 yen / 810 yen
    • Exciting pure sake

      734 yen

      A fresh feeling began to pull to the fullest, light aroma and a taste.

    • Tokusen Shochikubai Junmai

      810 yen

      Rice flavor pure rice sake of mellow flavor intact that exudes carefully

    • Mio sparkling

      1080 yen

      Effervescent sake of slightly sweet taste and good acidity

  • ●● carefully selected local sake series ●●

    • Please ask to our staff

      756 yen ~

      By month, we offer a commitment of local sake

  • ●● rice wine ●●

    • Makgoli

      453 yen

      Lactic acid, citric acid, malic acid, detox with an organic acid effect, such as tartaric acid

    • Mokkori (rice wine + beer) / makgeolli Calpis

      Each 486 yen

      Familiar drinking in Korea.

  • ●● wine China wine ●●

    • Glass of wine (red and white) / Chen year Shaoxing rice wine ancient Yue Longshan

      432 yen
  • ●● sour ●●

    • Raw squeezed grapefruit sour / raw squeezed lemon sour

      Each 540 yen
    • Lemon sour / grapefruit sour / lime Sour / pickled plum sour / Yuzumitsu sour

      Each 486 yen
    • Grape sour / Strawberry Sour / mandarin orange sour / green apple sour Calpis Sour / kiwi sour

      Each 486 yen
    • Oolong High / green tea High / mango sour / acerola Sour / grape Calpis sour

      Each 486 yen
    • Strawberry Calpis sour / tangerine Calpis sour / mango Calpis sour

      Each 486 yen
  • ●● fruit wine, plum wine ●●

    • Turbidity apricot dew liquor /

      540 yen

      Simmering mouthfeel and fruity smell of flesh enough feeling.

    • Hawthorn wine / lychee wine / white peach wine

      486 yen ~

      Gorgeous aroma and sweet-sour taste reminiscent of strawberries.

    • Rich plum wine / month of well plum wine / simmering banana plum wine Kishu / Ichine Rokna plum wine

      486 yen ~

      Fresh sweet, elegant taste and smell will spread to the mouth full.

  • ●● cocktail ●●

    • Cassis soda / cassis orange / Cassis Oolong / Raichisoda / lychee Orange

      Each 540 yen
    • Lychee Coke / lychee ginger / lychee oolong / Peach soda / Fuzzy Navel

      Each 540 yen
    • Peach Oolong / Peach Ginger / Moscow Mule / screwdriver / gin and tonic

      Each 540 yen
    • Plum wine soda / plum wine ginger / plum wine orange plum wine cola / Kahlua milk / strawberry Kahlua

      Each 540 yen
  • ●● soft drinks ●●

    • Oolong green tea Orange / Coke / ginger ale / Calpis

      Each 432 yen